to my best friends - there are a million different reasons why i love you all.

eric -

for all the hugs, the laughter, the jokes, the games, the rides to wal mart and the mall and nova and dinner,
piggyback rides, the duckpond, "that's because you're stupid", french bread pizza and simpsons, mountain dews and pies, the rookie, movies, lunch every monday wednesday and friday, frisbee on the drillfield, "that's what she said!", long talks, naps, hokie grill cookies, audio adrenaline, chili's, the scorpion king, the amazing race, fazoli's, mariokart, pac man marathons, bucking bronco, playing airplane, unlocking my car door first, easter candy, kfc, hiking, the observatory, the onion, blade 2, question of the day, ravioli at deets, making snowflakes, smooches, space ghost, "that's what you think. that's what i know. that's what you think you know.", cars on ebay, slime volleyball, mini golf, music "appreciation", lunch breaks at a & w, cheesesteaks, french silk pie, simpsons season 1 dvd, lit and ecology, amazing smile, singing in church, sticking it out, always being a friend, lovebug, compliments, terry goodkind, helping with my laundry, all the shirts i've borrowed, the balcony, sippy cup, cribbage, pledge books, online quizzes, best friends

you are like my reflection; always constant, always there, so incredibly similar.

jaime -

for all the hugs, the tears, the
laughter, the soul searching talks, the pigfests, temptation island, walks to food lion, chaotic dinners, crazy potato spears, human sexuality, breakfast at deet's, lunch on tuesdays and thursdays, pilates, cascade, subway, juxta and soulstice, joe's diner, the tattoo parlor, ihop, the thrift store so many times, walking in the rain, skank, animal shelther, joe-joe, forever 21, lord of the rings, chili's, motorcycle madness, jesse and opey, copper sails, the replacements, always reading my poetry, taking care of me, holding my hand, psychology class, lia's, going to the gym, best in show, talking in the shower, sociology, boggle, writing notes, "milk boy", berryfield, sleepovers, moving in, cadillac, psycho-babble, "i have the 'tism!", breakfast at burger king, infernal early morning clapping, crossword puzzles, the onion, the learning channel, a makeover story, macaroni and cheese, "you need to eat young lady!", good versus well, pool at kate's, jerry springer, "food fortress!", jogging, mp3 player, sisters

you are everything i am not and everything that i admire; you are truly the sister of my heart.

brad -

for the olympics, getting drunk, subway,
backstreet's, bowling, west end and owens, always listening when he broke my heart, outback, "down with the downs!", mitch hedberg, amazing race, csi, wanky wanks-a-lot, atomic elbow, sweet sixteen!, mariokart, pac man, silly pictures, christmas presents, playin' pool, inside jokes, always being there, movie at the lyric, being late for work, homemade porn, clerks, snatch, 21st birthday, S-O-D-A, sierra mist, mcdonald's, spanking conversations, ihop and pier 1 with jaime, "you checked her out!", lacrosse girl, the IM song, warning, demetri martin, shawn's comedy CD, sweet tarts, "like so much volleyball", mr goodbar, "it's your world, i'm just walking through it", sea monkeys, "whatever floats your boat", mike's hard lemonade, klausinator

you are the reason that i laugh, the reason i smile, the reason life is beautiful.

greg -

for sociology class, giving me a chance,
simpsons, pothead, glory days, fear and loathing, hat shopping, thrift store, poster, lake trout, vodka shots, poetry, hours of studying in the lounge, hippie, comfy bed, the clarks, a million IM conversations, keeping me sane, being so easygoing, jim morrisson, subway, walk in the cold, all the laughter, "you're so weird", snood, alphabetizing cd's, organizing playlist, computer illiterate, popcorn, movie extravaganza, hawaiin shirt, gay get well cards, laundry, inspiration, "smug bastard", never making me cry, those times when you say something sweet, tossing a frisbee or basketball, snorting, looking for naked girls online, "what's wrong?", fmb's, baylee's, bongs, funky oranges, drinko

you are my vital, refreshing opposite; you are what has kept me sane during this crazy year.

kim -

for always late to everything, price is right, squeaky bed, playlist skipping, lifetime movies, drunken parties, writing stupid emails,
"i got cheesy on my kneesy!", flashing the camera, hall drunkards, jello shooters, messy room, "where the hell is my key?", low showerheads, days of our lives, budget ramen, horrible country music (haha), drunken kiss, dancing with strangers, juice "pouches", walmart, beautiful singing, astronomy questions, colt 42 and afroman, ultimate frisbee sucks, can opener and aloe, febreeze sneezes, "god i need to take the trash out!"

you are a fantastic roommate, and probably the only person who could've put up with me all year; thanks so much.

martha and mexico -

butt crack, pretty pictures, rides on the bus, scrabble, always picking up after me, snorting when you laugh, livejournal comments, talks in english class, bowling, pool, frisbee, macado's, mariokart, spic, atomic elbow!, foo foo la roo, good heart, berryfield, south park, HBO porn

you two are barrels of fun, a shoulder to cry on, someone to listen and always willing to offer advice; thank you.

i would also like to mention and thank all my other friends, you mean just as much to me. stephanie, ben the fag, seth, paul, lisa, joshua, brandon van gorder, and jesse and opey. anyone else i might've left out. you guys mean the world to me. so here's to you!

this is all free association, all the little things that i connect with all of you, the things i love and remember and laugh about. you might not recall some of these things or even understand them, but there's a story behind everything and it was written by you. thank you so much for everything. without you, i would be so much crazier than i already am.

all my love,