About Me

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I :

-am 19 years old
-go to Virginia Tech
-am majoring in English
-have an eyebrow ring
-live in 356 Main Eggleston
-have a roomie named Kim
-have a boyfriend named Eric
-have a father in the Air Force
-lived in New Hampshire, Texas, Germany, Colorado, Virginia, Montana, and now Virginia again
-have a yellow Labrador named Travis
-have two cats, Sassy and Nanny
-have reddish-blonde hair
-have blue eyes
-have freckles
-am very messy
-am a good student
-am a poet
-am a writer
-adore getting chicken strips at IHOP
-am mildly obsessive about weight
-wear minimal make-up
-have two awesome parents that I visit constantly
-have a sister who is also my best friend, Jaime
-used to work as a waitress
-used to date a boy named John, my first and most disastrous relationship (but he had fabulous eyes)
-briefly "dated" Gage, an older guy who played guitar and sang amazingly
-sleep way too much
-don't eat enough
-trust far too easily
-like horse-back riding
-always get one scoop of chocolate in a cup when I go to Deet's
-like anime
-only drink Sprite or milk, if I can help it
-rarely ever drink
-never smoke
-don't cuss very often since Eric
-can't read enough books to satisfy myself
-read far too many idiotic romance novels :)
-have a very close friend in Canada who looks out for me
-have a best friend named Lisa who goes to ODU
-have a very close friend currently residing in New York
-want to buy a castle and live in Scotland
-live with my head in the clouds
-watch far too many reality shows
-never watch soap operas (except when Kim does)
-like music
-get dressed and ready in 5 minutes, tops
-absolutely love action movies
-think Eric is a lucky guy :)
-don't paint my nails very often
-cry during movies
-drink gallons of hot chocolate in the winter
-like nothing more than reading beside a fire
-think I want kids
-don't want to get married until I'm at least out of college
-want to have an outdoor wedding
-like hot showers
-like flared Mudd jeans more than anything
-have an awesome pair of knee-high black boots
-have an equally awesome pair of rainbow striped sneakers I dreamed up and had my wonderful mom paint for me
-am a decent cook
-think Keanu Reeves is DEAD sexy!
-am trying to get in better shape
-love my sister's new kitty, Joe
-am afraid of crowds and vulnerability
-never seem to make the mature decision
-throw tantrums and often lose my temper
-don't usually take time to love life the way I should
-don't really like tap water
-am a snob, I know
-am the most scatterbrained person I know
-make too many impulse buys
-am a bargain shopper
-have either very high or very low self esteem
-don't have any definable religion
-often don't have patience with people
-tend to keep my problems to myself
-refuse to admit I even have problems aloud
-don't really know where I am going in life
-am guilty of the sin of envy too often
-am critical, both of myself and others
-try to be kind and compassionate
-want to join the Peace Corps someday
-respect Sylvia Plath enormously
-want to study in another country
-can't sleep without my stuffed teddy Bear-Bear
-an pitifully unoriginal for a writer and English major
-occasionally love life so much I can't even breathe
-always wake up before my alarm goes off
-take too many pictures that capture not nearly enough
-find it hard to trust but love without reservation
-am a study in contradictions
-am extremely long-winded

Likes :

Everything Eric. Reeses Pieces. Strawberry Ice Cream. Cowboy Mouth. Blink 182. Sunshine. Writing. Reading. Roller-blading. Boys. Friends. Matrix. Everclear. Kisses. Shopping. Being Barefoot. Smiles. Hugs. Pool. Spiky Hair. Dog Collars. Cuddling. Boston Creme Pie Pudding. John. Laughter. Open-mindedness. The Gym. Freedom. Jaime. Good Conversation. Shawn. Shoes. Back Massages. Internet. Lisa. Hard Stomachs. Eyebrow Rings. Jeopardy. Undressed. Fantasy Books. Dancing In The Rain. Poetry. Nertz. Balderdash. Dreaming. Laughing. Looking Good. Feeling Good. Feeding Ducks. Taking Walks. Budweiser Commercials. Slumber Parties. Cingular Commercials. Julia Stiles. Roses. Manicotti. Vincent's Ristorante. Getting Mail. Christmas. Frisbee. Random Presents. Sleep. Strawberry Cream Savers. Getting Dressed Up. Pajamas. Wearing Eric's Shirts. Flying Kites.

Favorites :

Books -

Saving Graces, Patricia Gaffney
Bridget Jones's Diary, Helen Fielding
Magic's Pawn, Mercedes Lackey
A Game of Thrones, George RR Martin
Wizard's First Rule, Terry Goodkind
Another Fine Myth, Robert Asprin
Luck in the Shadows, Lynn Flewelling
No Quarter, Tanya Huff
She's Come Undone, Wally Lamb
Watermelon, Marian Keyes

Movies -

Dirty Dancing
The Mummy
Pulp Fiction
The Replacements
13th Warrior
Finding Forrester
Empire Records
Save The Last Dance
The Crow
Shawshank Redemption
Never Been Kissed
The Ref
What About Bob?

Bands/Singers -

Cowboy Mouth
Blessid Union of Souls
Jars of Clay
Tom Petty
Bon Jovi
Audio Adrenaline
Shaded Red
Goo Goo Dolls
Third Eye Blind
Jimmy Eat World
Matchbox 20

Songs -

Standing at the Edge of the Earth
So Happy Together
Drops of Jupiter
Everywhere To Me
It's My Life
Your Winter
Lucky Denver Mint
Rockin' The Suburbs
Fire In The Hole
Hash Pipe
Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Be Like That

TV Shows -

Malcolm in the Middle
Real World/Road Rules
That 70's Show
Fear Factor
Weakest Link
The Crocodile Hunter

People -

Eric M

Dislikes :

People who take my laundry out of the dryer. Bad drivers. Bad grammar. Narrow-minded people. Mint chocolate chip. Winter. Coke. Presentations. Smoking. Being stared at. Three Hour Classes. Waking up early. Sierra Mist. Pepperoni. Abercrombie and Fitch. Eminem. Scooters. Biology. Dissections. Kathy Lee Gifford. Battlebots. Fighting. Loneliness. Insecurity. Moving. Rug Burns. Waitressing. Rain Man. Janie King. Bad Grades. Crying. Being Sticky. Top Gun. Frailty. Seafood. Throwing Up. Working. Christina Aguilera. Mountain Dew. Broken Washing Machines. Amy Van Sickle. UVA. Kill Animal Shelters. Mexican Food. Waiting In Line. Lying. Irresponsibility. Goldfish. Chlorine. Economics. Bad Pictures. Long Days. Grass Stains. Dizziness. Crying Children. Bad Boyfriends. Insults. Low Shower Heads. Long Car Rides. Using Public Bathrooms. Death.