To Those Closest To Me

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Jaime - Bunk beds. Paratroopers on big green slide. GI Joes. Barbies. Legos. Germany. Apartment Building. Little Mermaid. Patch Barracks. Holding hands. Running through hose. Big wheels. Dog races. Jump ropes. Putsee. Gramma's house. Picking Strawberries. Donkey Kong. Care Bears. Trampoline. Jenkins. Skateboarding. Roller blade. Bicycles. Fourth of July. Goldfish. Jenny Lutz. Pets on Parade. Dahlgren. Parties. Jenga. Roller skating. Roller blading. Travis. X-Files. Wrestling. Microwave pizza. Oliver and Company. Beach Boys. Dude Ranch. Horses. Movies on Friday. Golf course. McDonald's. MarioKart. Fights. The Chubby Mermaid. IM conversations. Trips to the mall. "What are pants??" Dog sleds. Basketball hoop. Baby-sitting. Trips to the park. Opey. Billy. Jerrick. Bowling. Foot massages. Twisted Metal. Sublime. Rides on the bus. Beretta. Lou Bega. Hurricane Fran. Eric Mercado. "Clowns killed my family!" Smith Island. Shark teeth. Truth or Dare. "Show me yours I'll show you mine!" Horse Camp. Irish. Royal Gorge. Pike's Peak. Scotland. Highland Games. Loch Ness Monster. Ponies. Koerner's. Box fort in attic. Rolling down hill in carpet tubes. Swinging. Lena and Colette. Star Search. Sister Act. Shaggy. Snow-mobiling. Cutting down trees. Mr. Crabbypants. Mrs. Witt. "If you'd stop BREATHING, maybe I could see!!" TLF. Moving. U-Haul! 20 piece chicken nuggets. Coke. 1 glass per day. San Diego zoo. Nertz. "You're blossoming!" Glamour photos. Christmases. Making ice cream. Walking Travis. Riding bikes. 7-11. Peeing on the curb. DARE parade. Pig play. Slumber parties. Sex talks. Summer camp. Cheyenne Mountain. Denver Zoo. Skiing. You throwing up. Saudi Arabia. New York with Monica. Pac-Man. Family fun. Sky Sox. Hockey games. Snowmen. Tag. Red Rover. Sharing clothes. Sharing secrets. Sharing boyfriends. Calculus. French class. "Soapie!" "Chien is dog. Okay, what does chien mean? Uh... cat?" Temptation Island. Skank! Sledding. IHOP. BX shopping. Sitting on basketball court. "Is my mouth orange?" Love notes from Tim Ackley. Kickball. Badminton. Strip poker. Margaret and Taylor. Twister. Wading in 2 feet of snow. Blankets in doorways. Showers on base. Chasing Sharon's dog. Late night talks. Pigfests. Best friends always.

Eric - Internet. Dialpad. Valentine's Day lost package. Prom. Score. Raccoons. 1 year anniversary. Vincent's. Finding Forrester. Ice skating. Shopping. Hollow Man. Fuddrucker's. Abraham Lincoln. Getting lost on the way home from the airport. First kiss. First hug. Rainbow shoes. Wonderful Tonight. The Virginian. X-Men. Icehouse Cafe. Cookers. Foosball. Riding bike in 80 degree weather. Cab. Summer fair. Bowling. Piggy-back rides. Gladiator. Math Emporium. Sleeping together. You Don't Know Jack. Deep Thoughts. Mountain Dew. Snow globe. Terry Goodkind. Chocolate chip cookies. Roses. Songs and Eggs. Late night talks. Fights. Tears. Church. K-9. Shawshanks Redemption. The Green Mile. Final Destination. Braveheart. Stuffed animals. Christmas. "Only because I love you!" "Smoochos!" Massage oil. Poetry. Duck pond. Scary ducks. "So Happy Together." Emails. Dinner at my house. MYTH series. Tekken. Football. Picking up James. Spaghetti. Naps. WalMart. Animal shelter. Meetings at airport. Travis in Diamond's car. Painting the house. Loss of license. Waiting for Brad. Sheetz. Gazebo. Saying good-bye. Presents. Scares. Doubts. Kiss at Sweet Briar. "Buh?" Simpsons and X Files. Hot chocolate. Walking to bus in the rain. Creative Writing. In Love. Part of each other, always.